About Us

Creative Homes was formed in 2002 by Mr. Prashant M Pillai, to form a powerful, influential voice for improvement in the built environment sector. From the start he had a clear vision of what he wanted: a company with a core of skilled professionals that could consistently deliver high quality dream homes to our customers which outstands him in this construction field.

Since the formation of Creative Group the company has vastly expanded due to recommendations and client satisfaction. We have grown in size, quality and ability becoming a leading member of Construction industry. We work extremely hard to meet our client expectations so that they get satisfied with the quality of work which continues to build our reputation and expand our business.

Construction is a fast growing Industry. There are numerous builders in our Industry.


  • We take a customer-centred, problem-solving approach to construction to ensure our projects come in on budget and on time.
  • We never compromise on Quality, Value and Service.
  • We are not just here to deliver homes but we also deliver customer satisfaction.
  • We have a combined experience of 25 yrs.
  • We keep working on raising standards within the industry

We employ the most talented and co-operative people who constantly keep working on an innovative approach. We understand that people lifestyle is changing with time and so are their requirements. Our Team always keeps themselves updated with the latest of technology and designs, to continually improve and meet our client expectations.

Whichever project we are working on small or large scale projects our focus is always on setting a standard for construction services. Our commitment to consistency and service, regardless of the location and building type is what makes us stand apart.


Our Vision

As we are into a fast growing Industry, we work hard to become a distinctive construction and developer’s services brand by giving an exceptional customer experience at all stages of the home building process.


Our Mission

Our achievements are solely the result of everlasting commitment of our team members to provide with high standards and customer satisfaction to their fullest. With a vast amount of experience in the construction field for about 25 years and our working standards we have been able to complete several projects. To our credit we have successfully completed more than 10 lakhs sq.ft. of work till date.